2016 PFI Awards Process

PFI invites pitches from the project finance community for the 2016 PFI Awards.  Winners will be announced in the PFI Yearbook in mid-December, and the key awards will be presented at the PFI Awards Dinner on February 1 2017.

Written pitches should be sent to the PFI editorial team from mid November to early December.  Pitching is entirely optional and consideration for an award will not be limited to those who pitch.

Pitches must include details of other companies involved in the deal, as well as a key contact at each of these companies.

The Awards to be given out this year will follow a similar format to last year – with seven global awards and the regional deal and institutional awards.

Pitches are sought for the following Global Awards:

  • Bank of the Year
  • Adviser of the Year
  • Multilateral of the Year
  • Sponsor of the Year
  • Financial Sponsor of the Year
  • Corporate Deal of the Year
  • Law Firm of the Year
  • Bond House of the Year

Pitches are also sought for the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East & Africa institutional and deal awards.  The final list of the award categories for 2016 will depend on market activity, so please feel free to submit your own ideas for awards.

PFI’s editorial team is happy to answer any queries regarding the awards.

Editorial Contacts

PFI Editor (London) - Rod Morrison, rod.morrison@thomsonreuters.com
PFI Americas (New York) - Alison Healey, alison.healey1@thomsonreuters.com
PFI Asia Pacific (Singapore) - Minerva Lau, minerva.lau@thomsonreuters.com

The PFI Awards are part of the Thomson Reuters Awards for Excellence, recognising corporate and individual success in the global financial industry.
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